I first came to see Dr. Austin because I had pain in my lower back, in my hip and pain going down my leg. I also had pain across my shoulders, which made it difficult to sleep on my right side. After a few visits, I could tell a remarkable difference. I can honestly say that my pain is 90% better. As of now, I can sleep on either side without pain. What a blessing! I wish I had visited Dr. Austin a year ago! When you come to his office, you are treated like a real person, not just a number. This isn’t true everywhere else you go! Thank you, Dr. Austin and staff for making a believer out of me.
Lucinda Maddox

When I first came to see Dr. Austin, I was having pain and a burning sensation in my upper back and neck. I couldn’t use my right hand very well and I couldn’t even turn a key in a lock or move the gear shifter in my car. I even had trouble writing and taking lids off jars. I seen a medical doctor who prescribed pain medication and muscle relaxers, which I took for 2 weeks with only little relief. After my second visit with Dr. Austin, I was able to work a full 8 hours, which before I could only work 2 to 4 hours before having to leave due to the pain. I am no longer on medications thanks to chiropractic care. Thank you, Dr. Austin.
Carolyn Angel

I came to see Dr. Austin because I had headaches and ringing in my ears. I had been having trouble with this for 8 to 9 months. Due to the pain I was experiencing it was difficult for me to sleep. Now, after seeing Dr. Austin for chiropractic adjustments my headaches are gone. Years ago I went to a chiropractor, but I was hurting more than I did before I walked in. I said that I would never go back, but I believe in God and I believe God sent me to Family Chiropractic Center. Dr. Austin’s technique works. I’m able to sleep through the night and spend much more time with my family, pain free. Thanks Dr. Austin!
Angie Moody

I came to Dr. Austin because I had chronic, excruciating lower back pain on both sides. I could not function well enough to do my daily chores, exercises, or rest at night. After a few visits, the pain in my back has decreased and I’m able to sleep much better at night. I now have a better understanding of how the body can heal itself with an adjustment. I also had a better understanding of what was causing my pain and how chiropractic care could help me greatly reduce my pain. I appreciate what Dr. Austin has done for me, he took away my pain!
Peggy Abshear